Volquartsen Rimfire Rifles

Nobody, but nobody, makes better crafted or higher quality custom rimfire rifles than Volquartsen Custom. Several models are available, and each and every one is beautiful to behold as well as a delight to shoot. The secret is in our choice of absolute top of the line materials … our obsession with attention to detail … and our insistence on uncompromising, precision craftsmanship. Some of the thoughtful features that come standard in our Volquartsen Rimfire Rifles include:

CNC machined stainless steel receivers with integral Weaver style mounts for absolute perfect, permanent alignment. Every barrel features a match chamber and match bore with 0.0001" bore tolerance from muzzle to breech (maximum) and a standard .920" bull barrel design. Our own TG2000 CNC machined trigger guard.

We have expanded our line of compensators, stocks, stock colors and scope rings available for each rifle. The increased number of options has made it almost impossible to list every possible variation and configuration available for each rifle.

We are now offering our customers the option of configuring their Volquartsen rifle. The customer can start with a barreled action of their choosing and then customize from there. The price will update as items are selected. This is a brand new feature on our website that will be updated and improved over the next couple of months.

Complete Firearms

683 sf 1 with hogue stock 704 tf rifle 688 snake fluted with mcmillan thumbhole 691 lightweight with yellow thumbhole silhouette 684 deluxe with od green hogue 699 deluxe with blue laminated lightweight thumbhole 689 if 5 with vx 5000 stock 667 superlite 708 if 5 with red laminated lightweight thumbhole

TF Rifle

704 tf rifle

Like our other magnum rifles, the TF Rifle features a blowback design. However, in order to help handle the increased pressure of the 17 HMR and 22 WMR rounds, the TF Rifle also utilizes a precision engineered and machined counterweight system attached to our CNC-machined steel bolt. This eliminates the need to use more expensive alloys in the bolt. The weight is located in front of the receiver and concealed in the stock.

Our TF Rifle also includes the same TG2000 trigger unit – a Volquartsen exclusive – tuned to a crisp, clean 2.25lb trigger pull. The rifle sports a black matte coated stainless steel bull barrel.

This item must be purchased through Volquartse … (more details).

Fusion Take-Down Rifle

711 fusion take down

It’s time to experience Fusion, unquestionably one of the most innovative and versatile rifles ever conceived.

The Volquartsen Fusion is the first semi-auto rimfire rifle with quick-change barrels in three different calibers. You can choose between the 17 HMR/22 WMR model or 22 LR model. When we say easy, we really mean it. It takes only seconds and requires no tools to switch the barrels and, just that quickly, change calibers. This ingenious design also allows the rifle to be broken down quickly and easily for compact storage.

The Fusion’s interchangeability is not its only ahead-of-the-art feature. Each component on the Fusion rifle is either CNC-machined from billet material or w … (more details).

Stainless Barreled Action

708 if 5 with red laminated lightweight thumbhole

The Stainless Barreled Action is where it all begins for many of our rimfire rifles. This barreled action has the right balance for offhand shooting and is as steady as can be from the bench.

It starts with a CNC-machined stainless steel receiver. This receiver features an integral Picatinny rail and is threaded to accept the stainless steel barrel of your choice. The stainless steel receiver helps achieve that delicate balance that shooters are always looking for. It features all CNC-machined and wire-EDM components as we feel this is essential in building the best semi-auto rimfire rifle available. The CNC-machined bolt includes a titanium round firing pin, tuned extractor and are blac … (more details).

Lightweight Barreled Action

702 lightweight with i fluted sleeve and gray thumbhole silhouette

Our Lightweight model semi-auto rimfire is no lightweight except in terms of weight. It features a 16.375" lightweight THM barrel. Our lightweight match grade barrel ensures the shooter all the accuracy of a heavy barrel without the additional weight. The bore is taper-honed and the carbon fiber (or alumninum sleeve is tensioned on the barrel to provide a very rigid, accurate, lightweight barrel. This is ideal rifle for plinking, hunting or just all-around shooting fun!

The Lightweight Barreled Action is available with or without 1/2 × 28 muzzle threads. Any of our available compensators are also available on this barrel.

You can also choose between a carbon fiber sleeve or an anodi … (more details).

Ultralite Barreled Action

624 red ultralite

Our UltraLite model is the lightest rimfire rifle configuration we offer. It features the new UltraLite barrel mounted into our lightweight receiver. The receiver is the same as our aftermarket receiver. This allows several mounting options for an optic.

It comes standard with a Picatinny rail. There is also an option of having the receiver drilled & tapped to accept a C-More optic. This allows the shooter to mount the C-More as low as possible. This has proven to be very advantageous with rimfire steel shooters.

The UltraLite Barreled Action is available with or without 1/2 × 28 muzzle threads. Any of our available compensators are also available on this barrel.

Designed wi … (more details).

Superlite Barreled Action

685 superlite with hogue and forward blow comp

Our Superlite rifle is a great plinker or hunting rifle that’s a breeze to carry and shoot. It features a super lightweight but ultra tough CNC-machined aluminum hard anodized receiver rather than the stainless steel receiver on which our other Volquartsen rifles are built. The Superlite also comes standard with our lighweight THM tension barrel.

The Superlite Barreled Action is available with or without 1/2 × 28 muzzle threads. Any of our available compensators are also available on this barrel.

You can also choose between a carbon fiber sleeve or an anodized aluminum sleeve. Both options are extremely lightweight and will deliver the same level of performance.


  • Black receiver is Type III hard anodized
  • Silver receiver is NiB coated
  • Receiver features threaded in barrel
  • 2lb trigger pull
  • Integral Picatinny rail
  • Weight shown is for barreled action only
  • 22 LR rifle weight shown, add 8oz for 22 WMR or 17 HMR
  • 2lb 13oz base weight
All serial numbered items must be shipped to an FFL dealer.
All firearm orders require a $250 non-refundable deposit to initiate production.
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