Ruger 77/22

182 straight fluted barrel w 32 hole comp 181 ss barrel w forward blow comp 404 lightweight barrel with muzzle threads 339 ss barrel w 32 hole comp 611 77 22 target sear edm 679 green laminated sporter stock 179 carbon fiber barrel w forward blow comp 178 ss muzzleweighted barrel 126 brown laminated stock

Stainless Match Barrel

114 ss match barrel shown w optional thread protector

Our stainless steel drop-in 0.920" bull barrels set the standard in accuracy and performance for rimfire barrels. They feature match bore and chamber dimensions and vary no more than +/-0.0001" from breech to muzzle. Each barrel is digitally measured and inspected. The barrel shank is machined 0.0025" oversized to create an extremely tight fit into the factory receiver. This prevents the barrel from canting once the locking block is installed. We’ve developed our unique chamber to provide optimal accuracy but also superior function.

All barrels for the 10/22 LR are drilled and tapped to accept our Barrel Mounted Scope Mount.</ … (more details).

Laminated Sporter Stock

126 brown laminated stock

These stocks are completely CNC-machined by us from start to finish in one operation. We have eliminated secondary operations which improves the quality and fit of this stock. Features a rollover cheekpiece and curved teardrop grip with a wide forend. Designed to accept bull barrel. A forend pressure pad is also installed. Available in right hand only.


  • 2lb 6oz base weight

Forward Blow Stabilization Module

128 front blow stabilization module

Our Forward Blow Stabilization Module is designed to offer the best of both worlds – less recoil without the increase in noise.

Designed using the latest CAD technology available, the stabilization module features 16 forward angled ports. These ports are precisely optimized to align barrel gas to surround and stabilize the bullet for increased accuracy without increasing noise. And it is turned from lightweight aluminum so it will not change the balance or feel of your rifle.

Installs easily onto non-threaded .920" bull barrels with supplied socket head cap screw.


  • 2oz base weight

Stainless Muzzle Weighted Barrel

178 ss muzzleweighted barrel

Our muzzleweighted barrels are designed for the shooter who requires match-grade accuracy while using the factory sporter stock. Muzzleweighted barrels offer superb balance whether used for competition or serious plinking. This barrel is built off our Stainless Match Barrel and machined to the muzzleweighted configuration. This eliminates the main compromise made in other factory-contoured barrels – the decrease in accuracy due to the narrow muzzle profile. These barrels utilize the factory contour through the stock but contour back to a full bull barrel at the muzzle to allow bull barrel accuracy.


  • 16.5" Long
  • 3lb 4oz base weight

Stabilization Module

35 black stabilization module

Aligns exiting barrel gas so it surrounds and stabilizes the bullet for increased accuracy. Turned from lightweight aluminum so it will not change the balance or feel of your rifle.

Installs easily onto non-threaded .920" bull barrels with supplied socket head cap screw.


  • 2oz base weight

THM Tension Barrel

179 carbon fiber barrel w forward blow comp

The Lightweight THM Tension Barrel sets the standard for what a lightweight barrel should be. It features a sleeve that is used to create tension on the barrel itself. This unique design eliminates issues typically found in smaller barrel profiles. The THM tension barrel consists of a special taper honed match barrel and chamber. This is the ultimate lightweight barrel.

All barrels fit for the 10/22 LR are drilled and tapped to accept our Barrel Mounted Scope Mount.

Available with either a carbon fiber sleeve or an anodized aluminum sleeve. The two sleeve options are comparable in weight and performance. The anodi … (more details).

Ultralite Barrel

622 ultralite barrel

The UltraLite barrel is a lighter weight version of our THM Tension Barrel that has set the standard for lightweight barrels. It has been taken one step further and made even lighter!

A carbon fiber sleeve is tensioned in place to eliminate barrel vibration issues typically found with smaller diameter barrels. This barrel can be set up with 1/2 × 28 threads and fitted with any of our available compensators.

Our UltraLite barrel was specifically designed for rimfire steel shooting. Its extreme lightweight design allows the shooter to transition from one plate to the next faster than ever.


  • Due to the barrel design it is not drilled & tapped to accept our barrel mounted scope mount.
  • Available in 22 LR only
  • 15oz base weight

VersaPod Bipod

419 versapod

Quick detachable folding bipod. Installs on any Q.D. sling swivel stud. Includes universal mounting adapter. Adjustable from 9-12" in six increments.


  • 1lb 14oz base weight

.17 Mach 2 Muzzleweighted Barrel for Ruger 77/22

178 ss muzzleweighted barrel

Our .17 Mach 2 Muzzleweighted Barrels for the Ruger 77/22 are now on closeout. . It is a muzzleweighted barrel designed to fit the Ruger sporter stock. We have a limited supply of these barrels and once they are sold, they will not be available again.

Please note these are designed for the Ruger 77/22 rifles featuring the wedge locking block barrel installation. They will not fit the newer models with threaded in barrels.


  • 16.5" length
  • 1:9" twist

Extended Magazine Release for 77/22

112 77 22 ext magazine release black

The extended magazine release allows for a quick release of factory magazines. Simply reach in front of the trigger guard and push forward, no more having to push up on the factory release. It extends .550” down from the trigger guard housing designed not to interfere with benchrest or sandbags during shooting. The extended magazine release is completely CNC-machined from billet material – no castings!!

Not compatible with the all-weather 77/22.

Target Sear for 77/22

611 77 22 target sear edm

Easy to install Target Sear will reduce the trigger pull to approximately 1.5lbs. The target sear is wire EDM cut from hardened tool steel to eliminate any modification or fitting in most applications. Includes lighter trigger spring.


  • Fits, 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR.
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