Ruger 10/22

Scope Mounts & Rails

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Nova Scope Rings


These rings are the ultimate in providing accuracy and rigidity. It is a Weaver style ring CNC-machined to hold exact tolerances. There is no lapping needed! The top half of the ring is secured by four, 8-40 TORX screws. A 1/4-20 cross bolt provides for quick dismount as well as consistent return to zero. The Nova Rings are ideal for mounting any scope to a hard recoiling rifle. Available in both stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum.


  • 3oz base weight

Picatinny Scope Mount for 10/22


This scope mount is a no-gunsmithing mount for the 10/22 receiver. It is CNC-machined from an aluminum alloy to Picatinny specifications. The scope mount is .480" tall to allow the mounting of larger objective scopes. An extended length of 7" allows for a more versatile mounting platform in addition to the 17 cross slots machined into the mount. The mount extends approximately 2" forward of the receiver to facilitate the mounting of a wide range of optics. Includes four mounting screws.


  • 3oz base weight

Barrel Mounted Scope Mount for 10/22


A Weaver style scope mount designed to mount directly to .920" bull barrels. The mount cantilevers back over the receiver and utilizes one tension set screw in the rear of the mount for stability. It ensures that the scope will always be in alignment with the barrel regardless of any movement between the barrel and receiver. All Volquartsen bull barrels for the 10/22 will come drilled and tapped to accept this scope mount.


  • 2oz base weight

Receiver Mount for 10/22


A Weaver style scope mount that uses the Ruger factory receiver holes for mounting. The mount is .475" high to allow the mounting of larger objective scopes. Made of aluminum. Includes four screws for installation.


  • 2oz base weight
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