Magazines & Loaders

Magazines & Loaders

224 spring loaded magazine ejector installed 403 mag base 488 22 45 mag ejector 46 mkii ext magazine release 223 mkiii spring loaded magazine ejector 382 mag loader 322 clip loader 383 maglatch magazine loader

Extended Magazine Release for MKII

46 mkii ext magazine release

Provides extended length over the factory magazine release for faster, easier magazine changes. It is designed to work with oversized target style grips. Drop-in part that requires no gunsmithing. This magazine release is CNC-machined from 416 stainless steel billet material. No casting!! Fits Ruger MKII only.

Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector for MKIII

224 spring loaded magazine ejector installed

Having problems ejecting magazines from your Ruger MKIII? The easy-to-install Volquartsen Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector will eliminate the hangups and provide a forceful ejection each and every time. The ingenious design will also allow you to eject a partially loaded magazine – something that cannot be done on the factory pistol without prying it from the frame. Fits the Ruger MKIII only,does not fit 22/45.

MagLatch for MKII and MKIII

383 maglatch magazine loader

Increase the speed and efficiency of loading your Ruger MKII and MKIII magazines with our new Volquartsen MagLatch. The MagLatch is made from nylon material that is very lightweight and durable. Unlike other similar devices, the MagLatch will latch to the bottom of the magazine eliminating the need for constant thumb pressure on the loader. Fits Ruger MKII and MKIII magazines. It does not fit 22/45 magazines.

Extended Magazine Base Pad for MKIII

403 mag base

The Volquartsen MKIII Magazine Extender is CNC-machined from an aluminum alloy and comes in a matte black anodized finish. The Magazine Extender is designed to aid the shooter when changing magazines. It was designed with our target grips in mind. Our grips extend down below the grip frame which can prevent rapid insertion of the magazine during competition. Not only does this aid in rapid insertion but it also gives the shooter a nice base to grab the magazine out of the frame for easy removal. No more having to pry on the magazine to get it released. Whether you are using our target grips, factory grips or any other aftermarket grip and are competing in timed events, this part is a m … (more details).

Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector for 22/45

488 22 45 mag ejector

Our Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector for the Ruger 22/45 will improve the mag drop of the factory magazine. Its unique design uses spring pressure to forcefully remove the magazine from the grip frame. The innovative design not only aids in magazine removal but also adds an extension to the bottom of the magazine to make magazine reloads quick and reliable every time.

The ejector is CNC-machined from an aluminum alloy and black hard anodized. Also features a CNC-machined stainless steel button for increased durability.

Simply remove the magazine floor plate from a factory 22/45 magazine and replace with this ejector for an enhanced shooting experience!


  • Magazine not included

Ultimate Clip Loader for MKII and MKIII

322 clip loader

Save your thumb, load a 10 round mag in as little as 3 seconds! This little loader will make a brick of 500 rounds disappear in no time. Fits Ruger MKII/MKIII and 22/45 pistols. (Item does not include factory magazine shown).


  • 6oz base weight
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