Volquartsen MKIII Custom Pistols

Whether you’re looking for a .22 pistol for plinking, competition, or hunting, Ruger MKIIIs are still among the best and most reliable on the market. And Volquartsen Custom is still the leader in the development of accurate, smooth operating, customized versions of the venerable MKIII. All of these conversions are done on the Ruger MKIII however a customer can send in either a Ruger MKII or MKIII for the conversion (deduct $320 if sending in pistol).

All of our Ruger MKIII custom pistols first receive the same treatment:

First, we start by tuning the action using our own MKIII accurizing kit, as well as installing a pretravel adjustment screw to the trigger to achieve a crisp, clean 2.25 lb. trigger pull. Our high tech Volthane grips (Right hand only) are standard on all of our Mark III pistols unless otherwise noted. We use only stainless steel “match” digitally gauged blanks on all of our pistol models, and we use the same chamber and bore dimensions on each of our pistols models, as well. The chamber is hand cut using our own unique reamer. The feed ramp is also hand polished to ensure proper functioning. Each pistol comes standard with our TL Rear Adjustable Sight and a .125" wide front dovetail sight unless noted. A Weaver style mount is available as an upgrade option. All pistols have a stainless finish, but a matte black finish is also available.
71 compact carry 3 5 221 olympic 367 v 2000 370 stingray with optional yellow grips 620 22 45 frame 625 masters 441 vc target frame red 104 v magic ii 535 pistol case


479 v 6 with brown gray grips

The V-6 is the perfect balance of performance and appearance. It features a 6" match, digitally-gauged barrel with a full length triangular-shaped underlug that sports a vented rib. The unique barrel configuration gives the V-6 the underlug vent appearance with very little actual barrel weight, which results in a beautifully balanced, one-handed target pistol.


  • 2lb 8oz base weight


367 v 2000

The V-2000 is one of our most unique conversions. It features a 6" match, digitally-gauged barrel with a finned underlug made of a special high-efficiency alloy that absorbs heat as well as any material we have seen. Regardless of the ambient temperature or the amount of continuous rapid fire, the barrel stays cool as the heat is absorbed into the finned underlug and dissipated.


  • 2lb 7oz base weight

V-Magic II

104 v magic ii

Our V-Magic II features an 8" overall length match digitally-gauged fluted barrel with an extremely effective 32-hole threaded-on compensator. The fluting decreases weight and increases surface area for cooling, but, most important, it increases rigidity which, in turn, improves accuracy. Open sights are not available on the V-Magic II.


  • 2lb 11oz base weight

VC Target Frame

620 22 45 frame

The VC Target Frame is CNC-machined from aluminum alloy. It is a complete frame with the following features: Accurizing Kit (includes Extended Bolt Release, CNC-machined Target Trigger, wire EDM-cut Target Hammer and Target Sear), CNC-Machined Disconnector, Built-in Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector (MKIII model only) and Extended Safety. The VC Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25lb trigger pull. The magazine disconnect has also been eliminated from this frame.

The VC Target Frame is available in two grip angle configurations. Several grip options are also available: Volthane Target Grips (MKIII style only), Laminated Wood Target Grips (MKIII style only), Aluminum Grips or the Ho … (more details).


625 masters

The Masters features a 6.5" match, digitally-gauged barrel. The aluminum alloy-finned underlug draws the heat away from the bore to help maintain a relatively constant temperature. The top rib features our .125" wide front blade sight and our custom TL Rear Adjustable Sight. The rib is cut with dovetails to accommodate optics. The compensator is a unique design allowing rapid fire.

The Masters weight and design make it a perfect choice whether off a bench or a two-handed offhand competition.


  • 3lb 0oz base weight


221 olympic

The Olympic is designed for the challenge of demanding NRA competition. It features a 7.5" overall length match, digitally-gauged barrel and a unique gas chamber for virtually recoil-free shooting. The lightweight features of this pistol make it perfect for either one or two-handed shooting.


  • 2lb 8oz base weight


370 stingray with optional yellow grips

The Stingray is a lightweight target and hunting pistol with excellent accuracy and handling characteristics. It features a 7.5" overall length match, digitally-gauged barrel with radial flutes to dissipate heat during rapid fire shooting. The compensator is standard equipment on the Stingray. It also comes standard with our Scope Mount for mounting an optic. An Ultra Dot red dot optic is available at an additional charge.


  • 2lb 11oz base weight

Volquartsen Pistol Case

535 pistol case

Protect and store your pistol in style with a Volquartsen Custom Logo Rifle Case. Made from high-quality molded HDPE with steel latches. Includes full lid and base convoluted high density foam to ensure firearm protection. Also includes lock hole for additional safety.

Top of case features Volquartsen Custom name and logo imprinted on it.


  • Both 13" and 17" lengths available
  • 2lb 1oz base weight


369 mkiii lightweight w gray grips

Looking for the ultimate accuracy in a target pistol without all the weight? The Lightweight Target Pistol is the perfect solution to a silhouette style pistol! The lightweight carbon fiber barrel features the same THM tension barrel design as our rifle barrels. Our unique ported compensator will reduce muzzle jump on the lightweight design. Available in either an overall barrel length of 7.5” or 11.5”. Pictured with optional laminated wood grips and Hi-Viz front sight.


  • 2lb 6oz base weight


368 deluxe w comp with optional walnut grips

The Deluxe conversion features a 6" match, digitally-gauged barrel. It’s designed for virtually every type of shooting from NRA bullseye or silhouette competition to hunting. The Deluxe has a center gravity weight that provides enough extra barrel weight that the pistol doesn’t whip when it’s fired, yet, it does not have a muzzle-heavy feel.

The Deluxe is an excellent conversion if you have a specific purpose in mind or if you’re just looking for a good, all-around target pistol. A compensator is available as an option. Other barrel lengths available by special order.


  • 2lb 8oz base weight

3.5" Compact

71 compact carry 3 5

The 3.5" Compact Carry Conversion looks like a small, compact target 22 but packs all the features of a full-blown target pistol with the maneuverability of a sub-compact carry pistol.


  • 2lb 3oz base weight
All serial numbered items must be shipped to an FFL dealer.
All firearm orders require a $250 non-refundable deposit to initiate production.
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