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Volquartsen Custom is redefining the standard for 22 LR pistols with the V-10X Target Pistol. As with all Volquartsen firearms, the V-10X begins with precision machining and ends at our ultimate goal of extreme performance and accuracy. The V-10X’s frame is CNC-machined from aluminum billet material. Shooter control and comfort are machined into the frame with ergonomic finger grooves that follow the contour of the grips. The grips are CNC-machined aluminum panels available in black or silver.

The internal workings of the V-10X pistol are what you would expect from a Volquartsen firearm. Precision wire EDM-cut components, cut from hardened tool steel, provide a crisp, clean 2.25lb trigger pull with pretravel and overtravel adjustments.

The barreled receiver in the new V-10X is truly state-of-the-art and is unlike any other barreled receiver available today. The receiver features a machined taper that accepts the mating taper on the barrel. This creates a tapered lock fit on the barrel. With this unique sure-lock system, the accuracy potential is absolutely unmatched.

The V-10X comes standard with our TL Rear Adjustable Target Sight and Front Sight combination. Two different Picatinny rails are available which allows easy accessory mounting both top and bottom, and the pistol is already drilled and tapped to accept these unique mounts.

Longer length mount is required for optional compensator.


  • Chambered for 22 LR
  • 6061 aluminum upper and lower frame
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • Black hard anodized finish
  • Adjustable rear sights
  • Machined aluminum grips
  • 6" unthreaded barrel
  • 10" overall length, without compensator
  • 5.875" height
  • 1.125" width without grips
  • 10 Round magazine capacity
  • 1:16" RH twist barrel with 6 rifle grooves
  • 2lb 6oz base weight

Standard Configurations

[V10X-B-BG] V-10X, Black Grips
Add to Cart Retail $1,199.00
[V10X-B-BG-C] V-10X, Black Grips, Compensator
Add to Cart Retail $1,349.00
[V10X-B-SG] V-10X, Silver Grips
Add to Cart Retail $1,199.00
[V10X-B-SG-C] V-10X, Silver Grips, Compensator
Add to Cart Retail $1,349.00
We're sorry, this particular item has been discontinued. A list of similar products is below.

V-10X T-Shirt


V-10X T-shirt features custom hand drawn original artwork featuring our new V-10X pistol on the back. T-shirt is 100% cotton.


  • 8oz base weight

VX-5000 Stock


Features a CNC-machined forend mated with a fiberglass buttstock. The entire forend is machined, not cast, from a solid block of aircraft aluminum. The fiberglass buttstock features a vertical pistol grip for increased comfort. Made of an aluminum forend with fiberglass buttstock, right-handed or ambidextrous available (please specify)


  • 3lb 3oz base weight



The V-6 is the perfect balance of performance and appearance. It features a 6" match, digitally-gauged barrel with a full length triangular-shaped underlug that sports a vented rib. The unique barrel configuration gives the V-6 the underlug vent appearance with very little actual barrel weight, which results in a beautifully balanced, one-handed target pistol.


  • 2lb 8oz base weight



The V-2000 is one of our most unique conversions. It features a 6" match, digitally-gauged barrel with a finned underlug made of a special high-efficiency alloy that absorbs heat as well as any material we have seen. Regardless of the ambient temperature or the amount of continuous rapid fire, the barrel stays cool as the heat is absorbed into the finned underlug and dissipated.


  • 2lb 7oz base weight

V-Magic II


Our V-Magic II features an 8" overall length match digitally-gauged fluted barrel with an extremely effective 32-hole threaded-on compensator. The fluting decreases weight and increases surface area for cooling, but, most important, it increases rigidity which, in turn, improves accuracy. Open sights are not available on the V-Magic II.


  • 2lb 11oz base weight

V-Locking Block for 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum


Volquartsen CNC-machined 10/22 V-Locking Block for improved performance and accuracy. This part is machined from stainless steel and then hardened to Rc 40-42. The combination of stainless steel and the heat treating process results in an extremely rigid and durable locking block! No more worrying about over tightening the retaining screws and cracking the factory issued V-Block.

V-Comp for MKII and MKIII Slab-Sided Model


CNC-machined contour designed specifically for the slab side contour. CNC-machined stainless steel. Fits the Ruger MKII/MKIII Competition Model Slab Side. No front sight dovetail is machined.


  • 4oz base weight

V-Comp for MKII and MKIII


Large, single chamber compensator with six separate ports gives controlled release of muzzle gas for almost recoil-free rimfire shooting. Inner, rubber O-ring gives positive gas seal. Installs easily by removing factory front sight and using existing hole. Fits Ruger MKII, MKIII and 22/45 models with .875" bull barrel (4", 5.5", or 6.875"). It does not fit the 10" model.


  • 3oz base weight

Hi-Viz Front Sight


Hi-Viz front sight for LLV, V-Comp and Volquartsen pistols. Includes additional light pipes and installation wrench.

V-Comp and Volquartsen Pistol option replaces existing dovetail front sight on Volquartsen V-Comps. LLV/Scorpion option screws on to Volquartsen LLV and Scorpion uppers.

Replacement Receiver


Are you looking for an affordable way to start building a high quality semi-auto 22 LR, look no further than the Volquartsen Replacement Receivers for the Ruger 10/22. Our receivers are CNC-machined (no castings) from a solid billet of either aircraft quality aluminum or 416 stainless steel. The alloy receiver is then hard anodized to provide for years of enjoyable shooting!!

The CNC-machining process eliminates the burrs and rough surfaces that can be found in cast receivers. These burrs can create a drag on the bolt which can affect the performance of the rifle. The receiver is designed to be used with both Ruger factory bolts and trigger guards or, for the ultimate shooting performa … (more details).

All serial numbered items must be shipped to an FFL dealer.
All firearm orders require a $500 non-refundable deposit to initiate production.
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