Barrel Mounted Scope Mount for 10/22

19-10-22-black-barrel-mount 25-10-22-silver-barrel-mount

A Weaver style scope mount designed to mount directly to .920" bull barrels. The mount cantilevers back over the receiver and utilizes one tension set screw in the rear of the mount for stability. It ensures that the scope will always be in alignment with the barrel regardless of any movement between the barrel and receiver. All Volquartsen bull barrels for the 10/22 will come drilled and tapped to accept this scope mount.


  • 2oz base weight

Standard Configurations

[VC10BM-B] Barrel Mounted Scope Mount for 10/22, Black
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[VC10BM-S] Barrel Mounted Scope Mount for 10/22, Silver
Add to Cart Retail $33.50
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